A connector for Rocket.Chat.


  • An account from Rocket.Chat chat service or from your own server

  • The Personal Access Token details(user-id and token) generated from within your account settings


    # required
    user-id: "1ioKHDIOD"
    token: "zyxw-abdcefghi-12345"
    # optional
    bot-name: "mybot" # default "opsdroid"
    default-room: "random" # default "general"
    group: "MyAwesomeGroup" # default to None
    channel-url: "" # defaults to
    update-interval: 5 # defaults to 1


  • Opsdroid will only listen to one channel/group at a time.

  • A group is a private channel - this takes priority over a channel when trying to connect to the service.

  • The name of the channel room is meant to be added without the #.

  • Opsdroid will keep pinging the chat service to see if new messages were received; you can increase/decrease the time between pings by adding the param update-interval. Note: Opsdroid will only read the last received message.


FabioRosado Owner 6:11 PM

opsdroid @FabioRosado Owner 6:11 PM
Hi FabioRosado

In this example, I was using my own account to interact with opsdroid through Rocket.Chat, so you can see that even though opsdroid replied to “hi”, the actual username shown was mine - this happens because I used my personal access token to test the connection.

This will also give you the possibility to just use a single account and interact with opsdroid through the chat service since the name will always be changed to whatever bot-name is set in config.yaml.