A connector for Gitter.

Note: Gitter is sensitive to accounts that post duplicate messages, and bots are liable to trip gitter’s spam detection by posting multiple messages with the same text. Gitter responds by permanently blocking all messages from that account but giving no indication from its API that it is doing so. This means that opsdroids’ logs will indicate “success” but the messages may not actually appear in gitter. This is a variation on shadow banning but even the banned account cannot see its own messages. Accounts older than two weeks may be exempt from duplicate detection, so one possible workaround is to create an account for your bot and then wait at least two weeks before making heavy use of it. If the account is banned, the only way to recover is to delete and remake the gitter account. (It can be associated with the same {GitHub, GitLab, Twitter} account as before.) Note that this resets the token.


To use the Gitter connector you will need a user for the bot to use and generate a personal token. It is recommended that you create a separate user from your own account for this.

Creating your application

  • Create Gitter user for the bot to use and log into it

  • Create a token

  • Get the room-id of room you want to listen.


    # Required
    room-id: "to be added"
    token: "to be added"
    # optional
    bot-name: opsdroid # default 'opsdroid'