A connector for opsdroid to receive and respond to messages in Matrix rooms.

Maintained by @SolarDrew.


To use this connector you will need to have a Matrix account, and login using your Matrix username (mxid) and password. The connector supports interacting with end to end encrypted rooms for which it will create a sqlite database to store the encryption keys into, this will be created in the store_path. Currently there is no device verification implemented which means messages will be sent regardless of whether encrypted rooms have users with unverified devices. To be able to use E2EE you need to pip install matrix-nio[e2e] which needs a C library ‘libolm’ which you can find here


    # Required
    mxid: ""
    password: "mypassword"
    # A dictionary of rooms to connect to
    # One of these have to be named 'main'
      'main': ''
      'other': ''
    # Optional
    homeserver: ""
    nick: "Botty McBotface"  # The nick will be set on startup
    room_specific_nicks: False  # Look up room specific nicknames of senders (expensive in large rooms)
    device_name: "opsdroid"
    device_id: "opsdroid" # A unique string to use as an ID for a persistent opsdroid device
    store_path: "path/to/store/" # Path to the directory where the matrix store will be saved