Connectors are modules which connect opsdroid to an external event source. This could be a chat client such as Slack or Matrix, or another source of events such as webhook endpoints. If an event is triggered by something outside opsdroid it happens in a connector.

Using two of the same connector type

If you need, you can use two of the same connector by adding the module parameter in your configuration. For example, if you wish to use two Slack connectors pointing to different workspaces, you can do such with:

      bot-token: "xoxb-abdcefghi-12345"
      bot-token: "xoxb-12345-abdcefghi"
      module: opsdroid.connector.slack

You can then select one connector or the other by using opsdroid’s method get_connector(). For example:

# Use 'slack-two' connector
slack_two = opsdroid.get_connector("slack-two")