opsdroid connector Matrix

A connector for opsdroid to receive and respond to messages in Matrix rooms.

Maintained by @SolarDrew.


To use this connector you will need to have a Matrix account, and login using your Matrix username (mxid) and password.


  - name: matrix
    # Required
    mxid: "@username:matrix.org"
    password: "mypassword"
    # Name of a single room to connect to
    room: "#matrix:matrix.org"
    # Alternatively, a dictionary of multiple rooms
    # One of these should be named 'main'
      'main': '#matrix:matrix.org'
      'other': '#riot:matrix.org'
    # Optional
    homeserver: "https://matrix.org"
    nick: "Botty McBotface"  # The nick will be set on startup
    room_specific_nicks: False  # Look up room specific nicknames of senders (expensive in large rooms)