Flip A Coin

A skill for opsdroid to perform flipping a coin.

Setting Up

First we must create an opsdroid skill directory. This can be anywhere on your filesystem, we just need to remember where for later. For this example we will make a new folder in ~/opsdroid/skills.

$ mkdir -p ~/opsdroid/skills/flip-coin

The skill

Then inside this folder we need to create a file called __init__.py and import the following packages:

from opsdroid.skill import Skill
from opsdroid.matchers import match_regex

import random

Second, create a class for the skill:

class CoinSkill(Skill):
    @match_regex('flip a coin')
    async def flip_a_coin(self, message):
        if random.randint(0, 1):
            response = "Heads"
            response = "Tails"

        await message.respond("{}".format(response))


Third, open you ‘configuration.yaml’ file. You can do this automatically with the opsdroid config edit command.

Then add the following to the skills section.

  path: ~/opsdroid/skills/flip-coin

Now save your configuration and reload opsdroid.

For more examples of skills you can build with opsdroid checkout our examples section.