Creating a connector

Connectors are a class which extends the base opsdroid Connector. The class has two mandatory methods, connect and respond.


connect is a method which connects to a specific chat service and retrieves messages from it. Each message is formatted into an opsdroid Message object and then parsed. This method should block the thread with an infinite loop.


respond will take a Message object and return the contents to the chat service.

import time

# We recommend you use the official library
# for your chat service and import it here
import chatlibrary

# Import opsdroid dependancies
from opsdroid.connector import Connector
from opsdroid.message import Message

class MyConnector(Connector):

  def connect(self, opsdroid):
    # Create connection object with chat library
    self.connection = chatlibrary.connect()

    while True:
      # Get raw message from chat
      raw_message = self.connection.get_next_message()

      # Convert to opsdroid Message object
      # Message objects take a pointer to the connector to
      # allow the skills to call the respond method
      message = Message(raw_message.text, raw_message.user,
              , self)

      # Parse the message with opsdroid

      # Sleep before processing next message

  def respond(self, message):
    # Send message.text back to the chat service
    self.connection.send(raw_message.text, raw_message.user,