Making a release

Occasionally the maintainers of the opsdroid project make a release, and distribute it. This document is the procedure they follow to do that.


When releasing, there are a couple of release artifacts which are built and distributed.

Currently opsdroid builds:

The building and distributing is automated by Travis CI and run when a release is created on GitHub.

Creating a release


Before creating the release do some final local testing:

  • Checkout master and run the tox suite locally.

  • Run opsdroid and do some manual testing to ensure there are no glaring issues.

Decide the next version number

As opsdroid follows SemVer 2.0 (major.minor.patch) the version number increase will depend on what has changed since the previous release.

  • If the release includes only bug fixes then only the patch will be incremented. (See Backports section for making patches)

  • If the release includes new features then the minor will be incremented and the patch will be reverted to 0.

  • If the release includes changes which break backward compatibility then the major will be incremented with the minor and patch being reverted to 0. However this only applies once opsdroid is above v1.0.0.

Keep a note of what the new version will be as it will be needed later.

Generate release text

We use Release Drafter to automatically draft our next release using GitHub Releases.

Release Drafter will create a draft release with the release notes automatically populated based on the titles of each PR that has been merged since the last release and grouped together using the labels enhancement, bug and documentation.

You need to review these notes to ensure all PRs have suitable titles and have been grouped successfully. If there are any issues then edit the release and manually make corrections.

Release Drafter also assumes the next release will be a minor version change, if this is not the case then update the release title and tag to match the version number you decided on earlier.

Publish the release

Once you are happy with the release notes click “Publish release” on the draft.

This will result in a number of automated actions:

There are also the following manual actions which need to be performed: