Creating a Basic Skill

We will create a basic skill that makes opsdroid answer the text "how are you". This skill will be very similar to the hello skill found in the documentation.

The Skill folder

Opsdroid skills are located inside a folder with the name skill-<skillname>. Inside this folder you should have at least these files:


You will write all of your python functions in the file, but you can also include any other helpful files inside your skill folder.

Building the Skill

We are now ready to start writing the 'how are you' skill. We will be using opsdroid regex matcher to write our function. The first thing to do inside our will be importing the matcher.

Importing Regex Matcher

from opsdroid.matchers import match_regex

All the matchers available in opsdroid can be imported from opsdroid.matchers.


A matcher is meant to be used as a function decorator. The decorator allows opsdroid to understand the function, so we need to use this decorator and use the regex, that we wish opsdroid to react to.

from opsdroid.matchers import match_regex

@match_regex('how are you?')

The regex matcher takes a regular expression and searches for it on every message sent by a user. So if the user types how are you? opsdroid will trigger the function underneath the match_regex decorator.

Note: Opsdroid won't trigger with the text how are you because the question mark is missing.


Skills in opsdroid are just Python Functions. As seen before, a decorator and a function together will allow opsdroid to do pretty much everything that you can imagine.

Let's write our function, so opsdroid knows what to trigger when a user writes the words how are you?

from opsdroid.matchers import match_regex

@match_regex('how are you?')
async def how_are_you(opsdroid, config, message):

Opsdroid is build with asyncio. That means every function that you wish opsdroid to react to, should be an asynchronous function.

Note: that every function will take these three parameters: opsdroid, config and message.

Opsdroid Answer

So far our opsdroid can match something that a user said and can trigger a skill. But nothing will happen yet, let's make opsdroid answer to the text, with a message of its own.

from opsdroid.matchers import match_regex

@match_regex('how are you?')
async def how_are_you(opsdroid, config, message):
    await message.respond('Good thanks! My load average is 0.2, 0.1, 0.1.')

Our skill is done and opsdroid will be able to answer like in the Opsdroid main page. The next thing that is left to do is to add the skill to the opsdroid configuration file.

Adding the Skill To Configuration

For the sake of simplicity we will assume the following: - The configuration file is located at: ~/.opsdroid/configuration.yaml - Your skill is located at: ~/documents/skill-howareyou

Open your configuration.yaml file and under the skills add the name and path of your skill like such:

  name: how-are-you
  path: /Users/username/documents/skill-howareyou

As mentioned in the introduction, the indentation and the use of spaces instead of tabs is very important. If you have any issues when running opsdroid check both of this things, it might be a problem with a space.

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