Recast.AI Matcher

Recast.AI is an NLP API for matching strings to intents. Intents are created on the Recast.AI website.

Example 1

from opsdroid.matchers import match_recastai

async def hello(opsdroid, config, message):
    """Replies to user when any 'greetings' 
    intent is returned by Recast.AI
    await message.respond("Hello there!")

The above skill would be called on any intent which has a name of 'greetings'.

Example 2

from opsdroid.matchers import match_recastai

async def my_skill(opsdroid, config, message):
    """Returns a joke if asked by the user"""
    await message.respond('What do you call a bear with no teeth? -- A gummy bear!')

The above skill would be called on any intent which has a name of 'ask-joke'.

Creating a Recast.AI bot

You need to register on Recast.AI and create a bot in order to use Recast.AI with opsdroid.

You can find a quick getting started with the Recast.AI guide here.

Configuring opsdroid

In order to enable Recast.AI skills, you must specify an access-token for your bot in the parsers section of the opsdroid configuration file. You can find this access-token in the settings of your bot under the name: 'Request access token'.

You can also set a min-score option to tell opsdroid to ignore any matches which score less than a given number between 0 and 1. The default for this is 0 which will match all messages.

  - name: recastai
    access-token: 85769fjoso084jd
    min-score: 0.8

Message object additional parameters


An http response object which has been returned by the Recast.AI API. This allows you to access any information from the matched intent including other entities, intents, values, etc.

Example Skill

from opsdroid.matchers import match_recastai

import json

async def dumpResponse(opsdroid, config, message):

Return Value on "How are you?"

The example skill will print the following on the message "how are you?".

        "uuid": "cab86e23-caaf-4131-9b83-a564887203da", 
        "source": "how are you?", 
        "intents": [
            "slug": "ask-feeling", 
            "confidence": 0.99 
        "act": "wh-query", 
        "type": "desc:manner", 
        "sentiment": "neutral", 
            "pronoun": [
                "person": 2, 
                "number": "singular", 
                "gender": "unknown", 
                "raw": "you", 
                "confidence": 0.99
        "language": "en", 
        "processing_language": "en", 
        "version": "2.10.1", 
        "timestamp": "2017-11-15T11:50:51.478057+00:00", 
        "status": 200}, 
        "message": "Requests rendered with success"