Supported Python versions

In opsdroid we follow NEP 29 to decide which versions of Python to support at any given time.

NEP29 states that we should support any Python version released in the previous 42 months. This effectively covers the previous two releases of Python (the release cycle is 18 months) and includes an additional six months to account for any fluctuations in release dates. It gives the community time to adopt new releases.

In addition to this we will also endeavour to support new minor versions of Python within 6 months of their release.

Support table

Version Start Support End Support Status
3.5.0 March 2016 March 2019 No longer supported
3.6.0 June 2017 June 2020 Supported
3.7.0 December 2018 December 2021 Supported
3.8.0 April 2019 April 2022 Not yet supported

If you think this table may be out of date please help by raising a Pull Request to fix it.